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You Are Not Alone . . .

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence is a widespread social problem. Abuse has been present in most societies throughout history. Currently in the United States, there is violence in 60% of all marriages...
U.S. Government statistics estimate that a woman is abused every 15 seconds

More than 30% of women murdered in the U.S. are killed by their male partners

Battering often occurs during pregnancy

Research indicates that wife beating, results in more injuries requiring medical treatment than rape, auto accidents and muggings combined

Domestic violence occurs in families of every race, ethnic group and socioeconomic level, and in homosexual relationships.

South Shore Women's Center is here to support anyone who is concerned with violence in the home.

Sharing with someone can give individual a sense of what choices are available. Being with other victims can let you know that the abuse you are suffering is not I your fault. S.S.W'C. offers caring, supportive services through a crisis and explores alternatives with victims that empower them to live lives free from abuse.

South Shore Women's Center's mission is to end domestic violence by providing support and education to victims, their families and the community. SSWC believes no one deserves to be abused and violence against women must not be tolerated.

The Court Advocacy Program
South Shore Women's Center has trained volunteers and staff to assist individuals seeking relief from abuse through the court system. Volunteers offer assistance in many areas which not require an attorney.

Services for Victims and the Community
Crisis Intervention/Safety Planning

24-Hour Hotline

Emergency Shelter via Safe Home Network

Court Advocacy

Social Services Advocacy

Support Groups

Individual Counseling

Information and Referral Resources

Community Education

Volunteer Training

Police Training Outreach

Violence Prevention Projects

Protecting Your Rights
The ABUSE PREVENTION ACT (209A) protects you and your right to a life free from abuse.

In January 1991, the Abuse Prevention Act was revised. The following options are available under Chapter 403, An Act to Further Protect Abused Persons.

If you are threatened with abuse or in an abusive situation, you can go to Court and receive:
Temporary Restraining Order

Temporary Vacate Order

Temporary Custody Order

Temporary Support Order

Compensation for expenses due to the abuse.

When the courthouse is closed, local police will assist in obtaining an emergency protective order.

For more information about the Abuse Prevention Act call (508) 746-2664.

Ending & Preventing Violence
Violence Prevention Project

The VPP was established in December 1987 to reach out to young people in an effort to break the cycle of learned violence. VPP provides curriculum materials and training to interested schools to help teach children and teenagers about the origins of violence and to develop their skills for violence-free relationships.

The Violence Prevention Project highlights self-assertion, communication and problem solving skills in equal power relationships between men and women and girls and boys.

The goal of VPP is to prevent both the acceptance and perpetuation of violence as a means of communication or problem solving in interpersonal relationships. This special project was started by a grant from the Polaroid Foundation and is currently funded through corporations, foundations and private donations.

The Violence Prevention Project offers groups for teens in abusive dating relationships as well as groups for children who witness violence at home.

It's a Man's Choice
Treatment Group for Batterers
The South Shore Women's Center is committed to creating social change through confronting issues of domestic violence and educating the community about all aspects of abuse.

It is not enough to empower women to halt the cycle of violence alone. Batterers must learn to take responsibility for their actions and learn alternatives to violent behavior.

South Shore Women's Center works closely with local batterers' treatment groups. From time to time, the Center operates its own groups. For information and referral about batterers' treatment, call (508) 746-2664.

Everyone Can Help End Domestic Violence
There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at South Shore Women's Center.

Volunteers cover the hotline; provide shelter; fundraise; provide office assistance, court advocacy, community education and outreach.

Volunteers receive extensive training and supervision. They gain new skills and find satisfaction helping others.

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South Shore Women's Center is a MEmber of Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women's Services Groups

All S.S.W.C. services are confidential

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