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The Massachusetts

offers advice and
free legal representation

to Massachusetts
Medicare beneficiaries.


You disagree with the amount Medicare will pay on a claim;

You are told to leave a hospital prematurely or that Medicare will no longer pay for your hospital stay;

You are told Medicare will not pay for home health or skilled nursing facility services;

You are denied Medicare coverage for physicians' services, durable medical equipment, or any other Medicare claim.

There is no financial risk in appealing Medicare denials.
Medicare beneficiaries have nothing to lose!

All About MAP

Since its creation in 1985, the Massachusetts Mecicare Advocacy Project has provided advice and free legal representation to thousands of elderly and disabled Massachusetts residents who have been wrongfully denied Medicare coverage.

During the last fiscal year, MAP won more than $850,000 in Medicare benefits that had been illegally denied or terminated. MAP was successful in more than 90 percent of its administrative appeals.

MAP provides the services of attorneys and paralegals who are experienced in Medicare advocacy.

Throughout its existance, MAP has engaged in major outreach efforts. These include outreach to Medicare beneficiaries and training for employees of social service agencies, long-term care facilities, and home-health agencies.

MAP is funded by the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation with appropriated funds from the Legislature.

A self-help brochure published by the
Massachusetts Medicare Advocacy Project (MAP) - July 1995
Reprinted with permission

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